Car Free, Carefree means just that with Railtours Ireland First Class.


  • No driving on the ‘wrong’ side of our roads – which can often be very narrow and twist and turn sharply.

  • No grappling with stick shift.

  • No chance of meeting fellow tourists who’ve forgotten about which side of the road they should be on!

  • We also have extremely strict drink-driving laws – further strengthened in 2018. Most visitors to Ireland like to enjoy our famous Guinness or Irish whiskey – but now just one pint could put you over the legal limit. Or if in the evening you enjoy an Irish hooley and have a few drinks, you’ll probably be over the limit when you drive off the next morning! Our police (Gardaí) are now setting up random breathalysing checkpoints throughout the day and night, all over the country.

  • The Eco-Friendly way to travel. Why not ditch the car and take a rail tour of Ireland with good company and your very own Railtours Ireland host?

    • We reserve carriages for our Railtours Ireland passengers on the scheduled train services, thereby, allowing us to be more eco-conscious & cut down on the carbon emissions per passenger!

Don’t ruin your vacation – go Car Free, Carefree!